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If you have a challenge, Pita has a solution. And if we don’t, we create and develop a custom one just for you. Born from those solutions are our unique, proprietary product offerings you will only find here at The Pita Group. Whether you’re looking to engage an audience at an event or you need to share a variety of information in a single space, we have the products to make that happen.


The Pita Group’s online sharing tool helps you easily build a customized microsite or presentation in a simple, one-page web view. It can be branded with your look. Offers analytics to track views. Has a trackable email share function. And you can use it for everything from sales presentations to HR onboarding materials to employee communications – and that's only the beginning.

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Multi User Mobile Interaction. MUMI for short – that’s moo-me, not mummy. And it’s how Pita is redefining audience interaction and engagement. MUMI allows people in the same room or even around the world, to participate in live polls and games using their smartphones as controllers. What companies, organizations or venues hosting the game or poll get, is to collect valuable user data.

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